In the Kitayama area of Kyoto city we were asked to renovate an existing garden. To bring out a traditional gKyoto-feelh in the garden we used Cedar trees and Kurama-stones.
In the lush countryside of Hyogo prefecture we built this rock-garden to borrow from the naturally beautiful background scenery.
Designed to be enjoyed from the street or from inside the house, this garden was made with parts of the family's old garden as well as new materials.
Designed on a low budget, this garden is especially beautiful when viewed from the neighboring building. Built using existing trees, Dogwoods and with Red Maples giving a slight gfall foliageh accent all year round.
Designed as a place to wash your hands, it is located after passing through the main gate on the way to the temple hall. Built with Japanese roof tiles and small, white stones for an accented border for the garden.

Address:§665-1231 Hyougo Takarazuka-city Shimosasori nakayama5